Jets grounded while Yeti refused entry
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Jets grounded while Yeti refused entry

Chris Clegg
for South Peace News

The Valleyview Jets are officially grounded for the 2013-14 North Peace Hockey League season, while an application from the Fort Nelson Yeti was denied.

Those were the highlights at the NPHL’s annual meeting in Fairview Sept. 18.

The Jets filed notice to the league earlier in September they would be making the request, but added they were holding a final meeting Sept. 16. When matters did not improve, NPHL president Jack McAvoy advised the Jets the letter would be placed on the agenda and the matter dealt with.

Teams had little to say about the Jets’ demise in granting the leave of absence. As members in good standing for decades, the request was granted.

Meanwhile, the Yeti was refused entry because of travel. McAvoy called the Yeti’s proposal “the best he’s ever seen” but teams did not want to commit to the travel. Fort Nelson is four hours by bus north of Fort St. John.

Ryan Carter spoke for the Yeti, and said the team was willing to grant travel allocations, and play more road games than home. Support from Fort St. John and Dawson Creek was very evident, but very little support existed outside those centres.

Numbers from the secret vote were not released.

Horse Lake fails to show

The Horse Lake Chiefs filed a letter with the NPHL saying they may be interested in attending the meeting.

However, no representative from Horse Lake attended so the matter was deleted from the agenda.

Any future application from Horse Lake would be treated as a new team under the NPHL Constitution.

Teams agree on schedule format

Teams agreed on a 24-game schedule for the coming season.

Falher, Grimshaw, High Prairie, Lakeland and Manning will comprise the East Division while Dawson Creek, Fort St. John, Grande Prairie, Hythe and Spirit River will comprise the West.

Each team plays the four other teams in its division five times for a total of 20 games. A limited interlock schedule between East and West teams totals the other four games. Each team will have two interlock games at home and two on the road. It was proposed to delete a fifth game instead of adding a sixth interlock game; therefore the following teams do not play each other this season: Falher vs Hythe; Lakeland vs Dawson Creek; Manning vs Spirit River; Grimshaw vs Fort St. John; and High Prairie vs Grande Prairie.

Playoff format unchanged

Teams agreed to not change the playoff format from last season. East and West will play a seven-game division final and semi-final series, with the two division champs playing in a best-of-seven NPHL final.

NPHL East Division opponents: 2013-14 regular season

Falher Pirates
Home: (12) – GRIM (3), HP (3), LAKE (2), MAN (2), DC (1), SR (1)
Away: (12) – LAKE (3), MAN (3), GRIM (2), HP (2), FSJ (1), GP (1)

Grimshaw Huskies
Home: (12) – LAKE (3), MAN (3), FAL (2), HP (2), HYT (1), SR (1)
Away: (12) – FAL (3), HP (3), LAKE (2), MAN (2), DC (1), GP (1)

High Prairie Regals
Home: (12) – GRIM (3), LAKE (3), FAL (2), MAN (2), DC (1), FSJ (1)
Away: (12) – FAL (3), MAN (3), GRIM (2), LAKE (2), HYT (1), SR (1)

Lakeland Eagles
Home: (12) – FAL (3), MAN (3), GRIM (2), HP (2), GP (1), HYT (1)
Away: (12) – GRIM (3), HP (3), FAL (2), MAN (2), FSJ (1), SR (1)

Manning Comets
Home: (12) – FAL (3), HP (3), GRIM (2), LAKE (2), FSJ (1), GP (1)
Away: (12) – GRIM (3), LAKE (3), FAL (2), HP (2), DC (1), HYT (1)

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