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High Prairie, Alberta

Alister Nelson Austad , 1928 - 2001

Alister Nelson Austad was born on Aug. 6, 1928 in Lethbridge, Alta. to Henry Nelson (Nels) Austad and Lottie Irene Austad. Alister passed away on Jan. 11, at the age of 72 years, after a very short illness from a stroke and pneumonia. The family moved to the Enilda district in 1932 from Magrath, Alta. The long move was made with team and wagon. They moved to SE 21-74-15-W5 in 1937. Alister was known by the nickname of Bum. He was given this name because when he was little he wandered around the table at mealtime bumming food from everyone at the table. The song "Hallelujah, I'm a Bum" was popular at that time. Bum worked logging in the Chisholm area of Alberta. He spent several years at Uranium City, Sask. driving bus and truck. Several years were spent working at different jobs in the High Prairie area along with farming. As a child, his companion was his dog Nero. Tales of Alister and Nero chasing the chickens and receiving a switching for it were told because the family sold eggs to the store in Enilda for five to seven cents a dozen at that time. Nero didn't appreciate Alister's attempts at playing the mouth organ. When Alister played Nero would put his head in the air and howl. In later years, Alister enjoyed his garden, yard and annual birthday party with his circle of friends who continually checked in on him. Alister is survived by his sister Hazel, of Enilda, brother Norman of Tisdale, Sask. and several nieces and nephews. Alister was predeceased by his father Nels in 1969, mother Lottie in 1972, nephew Roy in 1974, brother Garnet in 1983, niece Hazel in 1985, and nephew Harold in 1995. Alister wished to be cremated and his ashes buried between his parents.

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