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Sacha Martens

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

A recently-elected Town of High Prairie councillor is also currently the reeve of the Rural Municipality of Lake Johnston, SK.
Sacha Martens, who placed fifth of eight candidates in the Oct. 18 municipal election with 346 votes, was still serving as reeve Nov. 21, confirmed two Lake Johnston councillors.
“Yes, unless she quit. I haven’t talked to her lately,” says Councillor Kenneth Craig.
Another councillor, Darren Gosling, adds he believed Martens is planning on resigning.
Currently, Lake Johnston is involved in a legal matter with a former administrator.
“We asked her to stay on a bit to help with this legal matter,” says Gosling.
“It’s a simple matter. If she submits her resignation, we’d accept it.”
Martens says her actions are honourable to help Lake Johnston through its legal proceedings.
“It was requested of me, by RM 102 council, to stay on and wrap up a couple of time sensitive and business-critical matters,” says Martens.
“I felt it was prudent, given the extenuating circumstances. This is similar to having a day job outside of council – minus the financial gain, as this effort is largely voluntary.”
Martens’ and Gosling’s comments do confirm council’s decision.
Martens stresses the situation is temporary.

“I certainly didn’t anticipate the two roles. I intended closure long ago,” she says, adding she takes her role and responsibility to make High Prairie a better place very seriously.
“I’m a member of a community, looking to make it better. And, at the same helping out a former community, where there is a need. The wrap-up and transition is short term.
“I am here serving the Town of High Prairie, have attended all my engagements, and community events. This is home. We live here. And have established roots here.”
And, given the circumstances back in Lake Johnston, she is not resigning.
“I will lend my time temporarily.”
Meanwhile, Town of High Prairie Mayor Brian Panasiuk did not know for certain Martens was serving as reeve.
“I did hear that,” he says.
Panasiuk adds she was told Martens had previous experience as reeve during the election and he saw that as a good thing.
“Someone with experience,” he says.
Martens did not disclose publicly during the election campaign she was serving as reeve in Saskatchewan.
Panasiuk says council will discuss the matter.
“I think we have to discuss it. Find out more. Is this allowable?”

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