‘Ad nauseum’ debate ends

When to lower the flags in the Civic Square was debated again at High Prairie town council’s meeting Jan 26.

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Enough is enough!

It is what High Prairie town council decided at its Jan. 26 meeting while updating its flag policy.

“Don’t put it on [CAO Rod Risling’s] plate,” said Councillor Michael Long near the end of debate.

“It’s not fair to him.”

The comment came after Councillor Brian Gilroy suggested leaving requests to lower the flags at Risling’s discretion.

The annual discussion of when to lower the flags is always controversial because no matter what the decision is, it doesn’t please everyone. That fact was not lost on the bylaw review committee nor council when it came for approval.

“Our committee wants feedback from council,” said Gilroy.

Risling agreed saying the committee “wasn’t comfortable” with all recommendations.

Councillor Judy Stenhouse suggested not lowering the flags for too many occasions saying citizens recognize council is making “a significant statement” when doing so.

Gilroy agreed noting it adds confusion, although the reason for the flag lowering is posted on the electronic sign beside the flagpoles.

Council then debated the merits of lowering the flags on such occasions as Remembrance Day, [which no one opposed], Police and Peace Officers’ National Memorial Day, National Day of Mourning, Action on Violence Against Women, National Day of Remembrance for Victims of Terrorism, National Day of Remembrance for the Battle of Vimy Ridge, and many more.

Long was growing frustrated with debate.

“. . .countless hours we spent on this flag policy ad nauseum,” he said.

“Let’s put this one to rest for once and for all.”

The policy will be updated on the Town’s website.

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