AHS staffing issues continue

Alberta Health Services [AHS] continues to have issues with lack of staff resulting in services being disrupted.
AHS announced April 16 a temporary obstetrics and operating room closure at the Peace River Community Health Centre April 16 from 7:30 a.m. to April 17 at 1 p.m. due to a gap in staff coverage.
If necessary, obstetrics patients were diverted to the Grande Prairie Regional Hospital. The same applied to patients requiring the operating room.
AHS describes the situation as a “temporary measure taken as a last resort.”
Recent closures have also occurred in Barrhead, High Prairie, Wabasca and McLennan.

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2 thoughts on “AHS staffing issues continue

  1. Administrative Support I: files documents, i.e. paperwork ($18/hr)
    Administrative Support II: greets patients, i.e. Front desk ($23/hr)
    Administrative Support III: books clients, i.e. organizing people and equipment ($23/hr)
    Administrative Support IV: schedules staff shifts and patient appts., Bean counter assist ($25/hr)
    Administrative Support V: provides functional direction, i.e. Human Resources ($28/hr)
    Administrative Support VI: supervises a large group of clerical staff, i.e. HR II ($33/hr)

    By the numbers: High Prairie Health Complex

    – 210: Scans completed by the new CT scanner since late April (about three to four per day).
    – 15,000: Expected yearly visits to the emergency department.
    – 30: Hospital beds in the new facility, all in private rooms that are angled to allow staff to monitor patients from the hallway.
    – 25: Hospital beds that are currently funded.
    – 6: Hospital rooms with patient lifts that extend all the way into the bathroom.
    – 88%: Occupancy rate of the patient wards since opening in April.
    – 2: Isolation beds in the emergency department
    – 2: Operating rooms planned for the facility, though only one has been equipped.
    – 67: Beds in the attached continuing care centre, an increase of 30 for the town.

    They say they are understaffed.

    Maybe the problem is…..
    “COVID-19 Immunization:
    Proof of full immunization against COVID-19.
    Full immunization status is achieved when 14 days have passed after the second dose of a two-dose vaccine, or the first dose of a single-dose vaccine.”

    Just my opinion.


  2. AHS management needs to be gutted and the entire system needs a rebuild. Albertans pay huge amounts of money for AHS to operate and honestly the return on investment is poor. For 6 hour waits in an emergency room that’s 3/4 empty to being overwhelmed by a couple hundred Covid-19 patients AHS constantly fails us


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