Apology issued, Slave Lake boycott lifted by Driftpile

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Driftpile has lifted its boycott with the Town of Slave Lake after a quick apology over alleged racist comments.

The boycott lasted only five days.

Driftpile Chief Dwayne Laboucan said Nov. 13 that chief and council “acknowledge the apologies issued by Councillor Joy McGregor and Mayor Tyler Warman, to which they both expressed regret for the culturally insensitive statements made by Councillor McGregor.”

The statement was issued one day after chief and council met with Mayor Warman in Driftpile Nov. 12.

“We had a difficult, but ultimately productive discussion about the issues that led to the comments made by Councillor McGregor,” says Laboucan.

“The chief and council shared what steps must be taken, both now and in the future by the Town of Slave Lake, to make meaningful and positive change to their satisfaction.”

Moving forward in good faith, the boycott was lifted.

However, the band warned any such similar future actions by any party will not be tolerated.

“Let us make one thing abundantly clear. We are not willing to tolerate discriminatory or racist behaviour from those in positions of authority with whom we are expected to engage in meaningful dialogue,” says Laboucan.

“As a result, should we become aware of any further instances of discrimination or racism, we will be speaking out and holding those responsible to account.

Laboucan also recognized and thanked band membership for supporting its decision to take a stance to advocate against racism and the unjust treatment of all people.

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