Big Lakes ponders new policing model

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Big Lakes County has initiated steps to study an option for a new regional policing model.

At its regular meeting Feb. 14, council directed administration to apply for a provincial government Indigenous and municipal police transition grant for a maximum of $30,000.

Council approved the recommendation without any comments.

The grant is available from the Ministry of Public Safety and Emergency Services to assist local governments to cover the cost of investigating different police models and creating a feasibility study for a local self-administered police services or a regional police servicing model, grants officer Samantha Smith says.

“The grant focuses on taking a proactive approach to explore and evaluate different policing models within municipalities,” Smith says.

She adds the aim is to help Big Lakes and area identify models that can best address its unique needs, enhance law enforcement and help strengthen the trust between law enforcement and the constituents they serve.

Grant funding can be issued to assist in researching local public safety needs, capital requirements and transition considerations.

The grant offered to municipalities and Indigenous communities helps them:

  • Consider different policing options;
  • Create a feasibility study or business case for a local, self-administered police service or a regional policing model.

Grant funding may also be used to pay costs to research local public safety needs, capital requirements and transition requirements.

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