Bitter cold doesn’t stop learning, fun at Joussard

Chanelle Loyie reports the news this week from Joussard School.

Chanelle Loyie
Joussard Reporter

Hello from Joussard School! This is Chanelle Loyie, bringing you our news once again.

It was so cold this week, that we didn’t have too many students in each class, but the ones who were here gave me this information.

Our kindergarten students told me they are braving the cold – they are strong little kids. They also told me they are learning about the letter ‘S’ and have connected it with snowmen. That makes sense! The little guys are also learning about belonging to groups and are identifying all of the groups they belong to. This is making them happy – everyone wants to belong.

In Grade 1, the students let me know they have been learning all about winter. Using their newly-learned sentence writing skills, they are writing sentences about winter. The students also told me they are learning all about numbers in Math.

Our Grade 2/3 class has been very busy with all kinds of fun activities. In Social Studies, they played a wall bingo game, where they had to find answers to questions about different countries. The kids loved this game. They also experimented with Sphero robots so they can start developing their own codes for them. Another exercise they loved was reading the Red Riding Hood story and then designing maps that outlined the different activities and locations in the story. They had some excellent maps designed.

Students in Grade 4 let me know they are looking forward to playing hockey in the gym and then bringing skates and using the rink that is so close to our school for hockey practice. Hopefully, the weather will improve so that they can do this.

In Grade 5, the students are reading and studying the novel called The Hatchet. What makes this novel study so exciting is they will be designing hatchets to be made on our 3-D printer. How exciting is that!

Our Grade 6 students reported they are completing a directed painting using blending and different mediums. These projects should be very interesting when they are done. The students are also starting newspaper writing. They are learning all of the components of a good newspaper article.

Also newsworthy, is all the activities that have been happening in our Cree Culture classes. Our wonderful leader, Doris Willier, has been helping the students learn about foods prepared by First Nations people.

The students are learning about this by preparing these foods themselves. So, even though we don’t have many students here, due to the cold weather, the ones we do have are all working together making stew and fried bannock. Of course, the best part is eating after it’s done!

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