Black bear dies in collision

The front end of the car that hit a bear Oct. 1 sustained significant damage.

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

An accident on the East Prairie Road Oct. 1 about two km north of the regional landfill claimed the life of a bear and significantly damaged a vehicle.
The next day, Ron Bellerose and Roy Breast were on the scene skinning the bear, estimated to be about 900-1,000 pounds.
“It’s one of the largest I’ve ever seen,” says Bellerose.
When East Prairie residents heard about the demise of the bear, Bellerose says Elders wanted the animal for salvage purposes. Bear fat is used to make grease which is good for arthritis.
The bear’s claws will also be used to make necklaces.
As much as the bear will be used as possible so little is left to waste.
The female driver was not hurt despite the damage to the vehicle, says Bellerose. He adds a second vehicle hit the bear with little damage.

Ron Bellerose, of East Prairie, and Roy Breast, of High Prairie, skin the bear.

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