Bylaw sent back to committee

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Three area citizens will serve on the Town of High Prairie’s Municipal Planning Commission for the next year.

Council made its decision at its Nov. 10 meeting but not before Councillor Brian Gilroy pointed out a small flaw in procedure.

Gilroy said he was “disturbed” over the wording in the bylaw which said the successful candidate(s) must be a member of the public.

However, there was no definition of public.

It leaves open for debate whether public means a member of the Town of High Prairie, region or otherwise.

Successful appointees Gordon Olson and Ron Rose both reside outside of High Prairie, James Waikle lives in town.

The bylaw in question is almost 20 years old, having last been updated in 2001.

Council passed the appointment of Olson, Rose and Waikle with only Gilroy opposed.

“It’s against the bylaw,” he said.

Gilroy also expressed disappointment more people did not put their name forward to serve the community.

The bylaw returns to the bylaw review committee for clarification.

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