Bylaws sent back to committee

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Bylaws to allow bees and chickens in High Prairie continues to weed its way through the system.

High Prairie town council delayed the passing of both bylaws at its June 23 meeting and agreed to send both back to the bylaw review committee for further study.

Councillor Judy Stenhouse had several questions on each. Despite being a member of the committee, she said she was “disappointed” she received the package shortly before the last meeting. After further study, she has several concerns she wants addressed.

Most important, Stenhouse is concerned about the proposed 300-foot limit on any property where bees are potentially going to be kept. The bylaw orders interested beekeepers to notify all residents of bees within 300 feet before approval. She said that was far too long a distance – about two blocks.

“That’s a lot of people to have to notify,” she says.

However, the recommendation came from the Mackenzie Municipal Services Agency, who drafted the bylaw for council.

Edmonton’s bylaw states only abutting property owners need to be notified.

“That makes more sense,” says Stenhouse.

However, CAO Brian Martinson suggested a wider area due to potential allergies.

Council has said it wants to get the bylaw right before passing.

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