Commentary – Always something new

Jeff Burgar

I figure I used to get four, and sometimes even five major things done during an average day. As I got older, things slipped. In time, I was lucky to get four tasks finished. Then that shrunk to three. Now it seems, getting even two jobs accomplished is shooting for the stars.

I’m kinda sure part of the reason is, I just don’t have the energy to zip through something. For example, I used to push my lawnmower around our yard in about an hour or so. Then the yard got bigger. Then we moved to an acreage. The new ride ‘em mower took too long. So we bought a Z-track. But even though I could whip through our old yard in about 10 minutes with the new machine, and I think at first an hour at the new place with the new machine, for some reason it takes me almost two hours now.

Maybe it always took about two hours, the times I stopped to trim some branches. And did some areas I usually leave because they are in the shade. I still think something is wrong here. The point is, my whole life seems to be taking longer and longer to do less and less.

There is an extra problem. The old “If it ain’t one dang thing, it’s another” issue.

I had big plans for ice fishing this winter. Really big plans. I figured I would get the ice hut cleared out of all the garden tools, bric a bacs, lawn chairs and barbecue gear it has collected the past years we haven’t had it out on ice. Then I was looking at all the tracks that are showing up on quads, side-by-sides and even pickup trucks. I thought I should get a set for my Jeep. And of course, my ice auger is gas. Probably could use a new electric one. And a new little generator. Yup, makin’ a list and checking it twice.

Then my wife hit a deer. Her truck ended in the shop, but not until after I had to go looking for pieces of it in the ditch where it happened. And fiddling with it because it was acting strange. But not strange enough the mechanic could figure it out. And along the way, I was thinking why do I need tracks? I already got 33-inch big mud tires on the Jeep. Why not just some chains?

Then one of the company vans started leaking oil. Then I had trouble opening a new bank account. And I was getting some crazy reaction to some new medication so I needed tests and more tests because maybe it was something really serious. And even more, “If it ain’t one thing …”

Then my main work computer decided to break. Not to worry, I have about 20 backups. But what I don’t have is a backup of the 30 programs I use during a typical week. So I was very interested in being absolutely sure my computer was trash. It only took a day just to get the case open. As it turned out, some stuff I could save. I am now making progress.

And of course, there was Christmas. Super Bowl. Eating. Sleeping. And now, only five weeks before ice season is over.

Last fall, I promised myself four more raised garden beds for spring. Frankly, it’s all looking grim.

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