Commentary – Just because it’s not your cup of tea. . .

Chris Clegg

I must admit I dabble a bit into the occult. I watch a few TV shows, read the Horoscopes each day, but that is about as far as I go. Let’s just say I am not an avid fan.

The occult covers a wide range of topics. It is defined as anything supernatural, mystical or magical. Needless to say, that is a very wide range of topics.

Centuries ago, the occult was widespread. However, with the onset of science, many beliefs have been refuted. And that darn invention called the printing press allowed for the mass dissemination of information, which made educating the public easy. Peddlers were not allowed to sell their “snake oil” so easily. I know that’s harsh for you believers, please forgive me.

Actually, I have no problem with the occult. It actually fascinates me. People can decide for themselves what to believe. If people truly believe that going to a fortune teller benefits and help guide their lives, so be it. Who am I to judge what might make them happy?

For as many stories and science refuting the occult, there are just as many instances and eyewitness reports supporting it. Those affected and experiencing first-hand the paranormal swear by it. As one who has not had a similar experience, who is to say my mind won’t change if it does happen?

I know, I can hear the laughing down the hallway!

Seriously, though, if people are comforted by connecting with the dead, why can that be a bad thing? What is wrong with bringing comfort to another human being? Do you think it matters sweet-tweet to the healing person what you think?

Deep down, I think it would be really cool to experience the paranormal. Remember, paranormal is defined as “involving powers or phenomena. . .whose operation is outside the scope of the known laws of nature. . .”

Ah, the known laws!

I like to think my mind is open enough to understand human beings do not know all the laws. We are trying to learn more each day. Who knows what we might discover next?

Or perhaps I have been watching too many Star Trek episodes and the romanticism of it all!

Just think if we could tap into an unknown dimension. Imagine if we could all reconnect with deceased loved ones. How incredibly wonderful would it be?

About as far as I have gone into the occult is being able to control dreams. Not the content, but what I can remember. I was listening to a radio show at home in the 1970s and this fellow taught me over the airwaves to train my mind to remember dreams. It worked! I can literally remember and shut down dreams at will.

And trust me, the experts are right. There is some pretty weird stuff going on up there! No surprise to many I know, however! Humans dream each night. Most we do not remember. When dreams get weird, I simply shut them off, contrary to what the Horoscope people say. “Write them down so you can remember them,” the write.

“Ah, thanks but no thanks,” I say.

“Some things are best left forgotten and unanalyzed.”

For now, like many, I view the occult and participate lightly for entertainment purposes. For those who get far more out of it than I, go for it! Many things have been proven later that many people scoffed at earlier before. Who knows where the next greatest discovery will occur?

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