Commitment helps earn drivers top honours

High Prairie School Division honoured Kim Lussier, left, and Shannon Soucy as the recipients of the Bus Driver-of-the-Year Award.

Two bus drivers serving the McLennan area have been honoured as recipients of the Bus Driver-of-the-Year Award for High Prairie School Division.

Awards were presented to Shannon Soucy and Kim Lussier, says a June 4 HPSD news release.

What makes the achievement remarkable is both are spare drivers, whose commitment and adaptability have set a new standard for excellence in the Division’s transportation department.

Together, they have managed to maintain the continuity of the McLennan bus route, ensuring there was never a day the bus did not run.

Their teamwork, flexibility and commitment have been instrumental in providing reliable transportation for students, even in the face of personal and professional challenges.

Soucy has been a bus driver since 2012. Besides her role as a bus driver, she also operates her own business teaching first-aid and raises two teenagers. Her schedule is perpetually full, yet she consistently manages to balance her commitments with unwavering dedication.

Soucy’s ability to juggle business, family and driving bus is special.

Lussier became a bus driver in 2022 and has already made a lasting impression As a paramedic with the Emergency Medical Services in McLennan, she is no stranger to high-stress environments and critical responsibilities. She balances her demanding job with caring for her two young children.

Despite her busy life, Lussier has shown remarkable dedication to ensure the McLennan bus route runs smoothly. Her ability to reschedule her life and work, often in collaboration with Soucy, to keep the bus route opertional throughout the school year is nothing short of extraordinary.

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