Constant beep, beep beep ires resident

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

It’s a continuing problem like a thorn stuck in High Prairie town council’s side, and a local resident is not very happy.
“There is no quality of life,” resident Tammy Napier told council at its July 26 meeting.
Councillor Donna Deynaka brought up the subject of noise in the town’s south end across the railway tracks where La Prairie has an equipment and maintenance yard. The constant noise at the site from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. as the company goes about its business is annoying to local residents.
La Prairie is the company entrusted to care for local highways and uses trucks and loaders to haul gravel and sand for road maintenance.
Senior peace officer Alan Bloom told council the company is not violating any noise bylaws.
“It’s construction,” he said.
“They have to get the work done.
“I know the residents’ issues,” continued Bloom, adding three week’s work was left on the current building project.
Councillor James Waikle suggested a different fence combined with a hedge to “deaden the sound”.
“It’s the wrong place for that type of thing, period,” said Deynaka.
However, the Town Fathers of the day approved the business in the district leaving the current council to deal with the problem.
It was suggested the beepers be disconnected from the machines to lessen the noise but interim CAO Herman Minderlein said it would likely cause safety issues.
Deynaka was frustrated.
“We’ve been dealing with this during my term on council [over seven years],” she said.
It seems to be getting worse.”
Napier said noise was not the only issue.
“I’ve got gravel trucks parked in front of my house at six in the morning,” she told council.
Minderlein said it was like living near the railway tracks and hearing the trains.
“You learn to live with it,” he said.
Napier disagreed.
“Not constant,” she replied referring to the noise.
Council was at a loss what to do.
“You can’t go back and change what happened in the past,” said Minderlein.
Council erected a fence years ago to try and help curtail the noise.

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One thought on “Constant beep, beep beep ires resident

  1. So much to say about this. For example, Tammy is a big fan of the “Freedom Convoy,” that group which made a reputation by honking horns day and night. By that measure, LaPrairie is just another example of free enterprise in Canada and all that is good, right?

    To be fair, she has a point. The best thing would be to get one or two of the beepers and run it over to the manager’s homes. Tit for tat. Maybe even down to where ever LaPrairie top managers live. And maybe over to Minderlein’s or the mayor’s house so he can get used to it.

    I can say more here but as far as the safety issue is worrying town council, nobody in reality is in danger of being backed over in Tammy’s driveway. Get that noise toned down! The complete disregard of citizen well-being here by council is astounding.

    Funny that council is worried about safety and maybe a lawsuit, but never gave a thought to their own blundering over CAO Poole. Yes, even and amazingly after they were warned by Sacha Martens they just walked into the muck !!


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