Council in forgiving mood

Richard Froese
South Peace News
Big Lakes County council has forgiven a Faust landowner for added costs caused by a water leak while a residence was unoccupied.

At its regular meeting March 1, council approved a staff recommendation to forgive sewer charges of $691.69 due to a water leak in January and February on property owned by Patricia Courtoreille.

“All we’ve done in the past is forgive the sewer charges in that situation,” said Reeve Ken Matthews.

The decision reflects county policy.

Courtoreille asked council to forgive water costs but was denied.

“In the past, council has dealt with similar requests for forgiveness of sewer charges only due to water leaks,” reads a report from Ted Laszczak, director of utilities.

Occupants of the residence had suddenly moved in December.

“I was not aware I had a continuous leak till the county informed me that there was no one living in the residence at the time, at which point I had them temporarily shut off the water.

“Now I have an outrageous water bill and asking council if they can forgive sewer charges and water charges.”

Water charges were $1,386.13.

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