Council steps up to help Tim Hortons build

Chris Clegg

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High Prairie town council is stepping up to the plate to help the proposed Tim Hortons store become a reality sooner than later.

As part of the project, a culvert replacement on 38 Street needs to be done, which council agreed to do at its June 8 meeting at an estimated cost of about $5,000.

Mayor Brian Panasiuk spoke to council about the project after speaking to the developer, First Aberdeen Property Limited, asking if there was anything council could do to help.

“He’s hoping to get started this year. He’s trying to reduce some of the expenses. They are very, very close to getting it going.”

However, Panasiuk added if something does not happen soon, the project may be on hold until next spring.

Panasiuk added the matter of the culvert was “time sensitive” and asked for council’s support as the developer will decide “next week” whether to proceed this year.

“I think we should help them,” said Councillor Michael Long.

“I’m in favour of it.”

Panasiuk said council’s support will show “good will” to the developer.

“The flip side is we usually don’t do this for other developers,” said Panasiuk.

“It may make a difference on whether this will go ahead.”

Councillor Donna Deynaka proposed a 50-50 cost share where the developer would purchase the culvert and council do the work.

“I guess if it’s something we can do to spur this along. . .I’m in favour of it as long as it’s not too costly,” she concluded.

Panasiuk disagreed saying he would be “embarrassed”.

“. . .worry about $2,000. That’s crazy!” he said.

Panasiuk added another plus is Tim Hortons would be the anchor tenant to the East Gate development with more stores being built after Tim Hortons opens.

Last week, Panasiuk said his “understanding is that they have run into some issues and are hoping to have them resolved soon. Should know more in a month.”

A week later, it appears crunch time is arriving.

A development permit to build was taken out by the developer earlier this year.

Efforts to contact First Aberdeen Property Limited’s managing director, Martin Blair, were unsuccessful.

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