County, developer reach possible solution

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Big Lakes County appears ready to help a local developer proceed with his project.

Milt Sloan, of Sunset Park northwest of Kinuso, addressed council at its meeting July 22 through a conference call. He asked council to consider helping him with Phase 2 of his development.

“Sales are slow” and I want “to keep costs down” he told council.

He said the County requires him to put in culverts and approaches at a cost of $3,000 each. Potentially, he could save nearly $100,000 for the approximate 30 units at the site.

“We [currently] require all construction be done,” said director of planning and development Pat Olansky.

However, she added council has the option of taking security, cash or credit.

“It’s not something we’ve done before,” she added.

Sloan said he could not provide security.

Faust Councillor Robert Nygaard had a suggestion.

“Put a caveat on each lot,” he said.

“That’s correct,” said Olansky, who later added the cost of placing a caveat on each lot would be less than $100.

Immediately, both North Gilwood – Triangle Councillor Ken Matthews and South Sunset House – Gilwood Councillor Ann Stewart said they would support the plan.

“I wouldn’t have a problem with that,” they both simultaneously said.

Council agreed to bring back the matter to a future meeting.

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