County extends support to STARS

Richard Froese
South Peace News
Big Lakes County has extended its support to air ambulance service of STARS [Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society].

At its regular meeting March 15, council approved a recommendation to financially support STARS through an event sponsorship grant of $25,000.

“In an effort to support the health and well-being of residents in the region, council made a pledge of $25,000 per year to STARS from 2015-2017,” says Mark Schonken, director of corporate services.

Funding has been allocated from the grants budget.

“Thanks to you, STARS is able to provide world-class life-saving medical transport to the communities where we live, work, and play,” says a letter to council from Glenda Farnden, senior municipal relations liaison for STARS Foundation.
“With your support, STARS is always ready to provide safe, rapid transportation and the highest level of critical care available for patiently urgently need us.”

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