County implements system to better inform residents

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Big Lakes County will soon be able to alert residents about urgent and emergent situations.

At its regular meeting Sept. 9, council agreed to purchase communication and alerting computer software through Voyent Alert at $2,800.

“We can provide all kinds of information to residents,” CAO Jordan Panasiuk says.

“The software can communicate to residents by e-mail, Smartphone apps, test messages, social media and voice phone line.

“Emergency alert messages from Voyent Alert can also be automated to broadcast.

Panasiuk says the program costs nothing for users.

During a meeting with the inter-municipal committee with the Town of High Prairie on May 21, it was suggested that the Town and County partner in the program.

At its meeting June 10, Big Lakes council passed a motion to proceed with a partnership with the town and approved $2,800.

However, High Prairie council declined.

Big Lakes is now proceeding on its own.

Cost of the software is $2,800 a year based on 4,000 registrations in Big Lakes and five administrator seats.

An extra fee of 50 cents is charged to each additional user for a population above 4,000.

“We now have an antique system,” Panasiuk says.

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