County may put a stop to fire billling

Richard Froese
South Peace News

A statement of costs to fight fires in the Big Lakes County may no longer be sent to residents.

At its regular meeting May 11, council gave first reading to an amended fire services bylaw to discontinue that procedure.

“No costs shall be incurred by any county resident for emergency response cost associated with any county structure fire, located on their property within the county,” states the bylaw amended by fire chief Leo Tobin.

However, administration advised council to get further information from residents and the county lawyer.

“We should actually advertise the bylaw,” says CAO Bill Kostiw, who recommended council give first reading only.

Council questioned how costs would be recovered from insurance, as companies cover various rates.

“Insurance companies decide on what they pay,” Joussard Councillor Ed Podollan says.

Others don’t support the change.

“I don’t agree with this,” deputy reeve Dave Marx says.
“I don’t think it should be a blanket policy.”

Kostiw says administration could report back in a few weeks.

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