County proceeds with quotes to improve cell phone service

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Cell phone service in Joussard and Faust may improve next year as Big Lakes County considers a project to install a cell tower.

At its regular meeting Nov. 27, council directed administration to seek a quote to install a Telus tower to serve the area.

“With Joussard being the most populated hamlet due to seasonal increases, it has the highest need for better cell service,” information technology administrator Balaji Selvaraj says.

“A new tower will potentially service Faust residents as well.”

Council members agreed to seek quotes.

“We should go ahead and get quotes,” Faust Councillor Robert Nygaard says.

North Gilwood – Triangle Councillor Ken Matthews says a quote will help the county improve service.

“A lot of thought has to go into it to see how it might tie in with our broadband project.”

County residents have expressed the need for a new Telus tower to improve cell service in many areas of the county, especially in Joussard and Faust, Selvaraj says.

“We want to get a cost and go from there,” he says.

“It is important for emergency services and local citizens to have good cell phone service.”

Telus is pursuing partnerships for projects, he adds.

Council heard about plans from Telus on Oct. 9 from Brian Bettis, general manager of northern Alberta customer solutions delivery and Tabitha Olson, field support manager based in Peace River.

“They explained partnership options and the benefits of a new tower in required areas,” Selvaraj says.

With previous tower projects, Telus has shared costs of the initial costs only.

All operating costs and revenues are under Telus.

Telus currently has partnerships with Northern Sunrise County in the Peace River area and Saddle Hills County based in Spirit River.

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