Crews preparing for annual spring melt

Town of High Prairie public works crew work to drain a pool of water on Highway 2 [53 Avenue] west of 46 Street on April 7.

Weather affects potential flooding

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Threats of flooding from the melting of snow in the High Prairie area are not a concern for many municipalities at this time.

Big Lakes County says the situation looks good.

“There are no concerns of flooding in the county at this time,” says Vic Abel, director of public works.

“However, low-lying areas could be more at risk depending on the change of weather.”

Works crews are busy taking precautionary steps to prevent flooding.

“The county has already started our spring run-off maintenances, which includes clearing drainage ditches,” Abel says.

“Flooding is very weather dependent.”

Rain and high temperatures during the day and no freezing at night would cause the greater risk, he says.

“Factors that could reduce risk of flooding are cooler temperatures facilitating a slower melt,” Abel says.

Sandbags are also available for residents.

If anyone sees water backing up due to frozen culverts, please call the county at [780] 523-5955.

Meanwhile, minimal problems are anticipated in the Town of High Prairie, says Vern Walker, superintendant of public works.

“I don’t anticipate too much flooding in town,” Walker says.

“For the most part, everything in town should be fine.”

Public works crews have been busy steam cleaning catch basins the last few weeks, he says.

“The best scenario would be a slow melt,” Walker says.

The banks of the West Prairie River in town are fairly high and it will spill over north of town before it will in the town, he says.

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