Delay in NLC fund fraud case sentencing

A former Northern Lakes College employee was scheduled to be sentenced for defrauding a Northern Lakes College fund of $285,000 on Jan. 4.
However, the sentencing of Cindy Martin was put over until Feb. 15 because one of the two sentencing reports has not been completed.
Because Martin had pleaded guilty to very serious crimes, Crown prosecutor Terrance Hudson said he would normally ask for her to be put into custody to ensure that the report was finished; however, since she has parental responsibilities, he did not.
Judge S.P. Hinkley told Martin that on Feb. 15 either she would be sentenced or put into custody to ensure the report was completed.
On July 27, 2022, Martin pleaded guilty to defrauding a NLC fund of $285,000 and Slave Lake Winks of $1,950. She was charged in 2020. The crimes took place from December 2018 to June 2020.
In June, the matter was set over to Jan. 4 for sentencing to allow enough time to complete both a presentence and a Gladue report. A presentence report has been completed. However, a Gladue report has not been started.
Court had a letter from the Gladue report writer asking for more time, because they had not been able to connect with Martin until right before the Christmas break.
Martin told court her phone was cut off for two weeks in September. Early in November, she updated the court with her new number and tried to track down the Gladue writer through probation. The Gladue writer tried to contact Martin in early December, but still had the old phone number. The two connected on Dec. 21, but did not have enough time to do the interview for the report.

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