Desire for meth fuels crime spree

H.P. court docket
Dec. 2, 2019
Judge D.R. Shynkar

A young man from East Prairie will not spend any more spend time in jail after pleading guilty in High Prairie provincial court Dec. 2 to 10 criminal charges including two assaults.
Tyson Trey Thomas, 21, was handed a conditional sentence order for assault after assaulting a female.
However, Thomas was warned by Judge D.R. Shynkar to obey the order.
“If you breach the CSO, you will end up in jail,” he warned.
Thomas, who appeared in court from the Peace River Correctional Centre on CCTV, is required to keep the peace and be of good behaviour.
The purpose of the conditional sentence is to reduce the reliance on incarceration as a sanction and increase restorative justice objectives.
After serving the sentence, Thomas will be on probation for nine months on the remaining nine charges.
Treatment to rehabilitate Thomas from a life of drugs and crime is the main focus of his sentence.
“Find a place to go for treatment,” Judge Shynkar told him.
Crown prosecutor Terrance Hudson agreed.
“The real need is for him to get treatment,” said Hudson.
“He’s a menace to himself and a menace to the community.”
Thomas’ lawyer, Harry Jong, told court that is his client’s desire.
“He wants to go to treatment,” he said.
“He says he has problems, he’s not in his right mind and he wants to quite,” he added.
Many of his crimes support his drug addiction, court heard.
“He steals things so he can pawn them off and buy meth,” Jong said.
Thomas lives with his mother.
“His mother does kick him out of the house sometimes and he lives on the streets in High Prairie,” Jong said.
The probation sentence is for assault with a weapon, assault, threats causing death, mischief causing damage under $5,000, theft under $5,000, two counts of failing to comply with an undertaking, failing to comply with probation and breaching conditions.
Court heard during one incident that Thomas was involved in a dispute with his mother, said Hudson.
“He had a machete and he threw papers at her.”
However, he did not use the machete.
Thomas assaulted his stepfather during another incident.
“He punched him in the nose, then the cheek,” Hudson said.
Thomas also threw a rock and smashed a window at the Town of High Prairie peace officer’s office. He was ordered to pay restitution of $100 for damages.
During yet another incident, Thomas stated a threat, “I’m going to shoot you” at RBC in High Prairie. He was already on order not to be within 200 metres of RBC.
Thomas also breached an order when he was within 50 metres of TD Canada Trust, also in High Prairie.
In another incident, Thomas stole a licence plate and a laptop computer, Hudson said.
And, he also breached a curfew from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

* * * * * * * * *

Jana Marie Toner, 37, of Valleyview, was sentenced to 30 days in jail after pleading guilty to fraud under $5,000.
She was credited for 17 days already served in custody as she appeared from the Edmonton Remand Centre on CCTV.
Toner cashed a fraudulent cheque for $3,202.83 at Kinuso Home Hardware, Crown prosecutor Terrance Hudson said.
The cheque was in the account of another person.
“She did take the cheque to the store knowing it was fraudulent,” duty counsel Harry Jong admitted.
“She wanted the money to buy meth.”
Toner was ordered to pay restitution in the full amount to the cheque account holder.
Toner was also sentenced to probation for six months for possession of a controlled substance. Probation will start after she is released.
Crown prosecutor Terrance Hudson submitted that police found 5.7 grams of meth in her possession as a passenger in a vehicle.
Judge D.R. Shynkar ordered Toner to complete addictions assessment, counselling and treatment as directed.
The accused supports the probation order.
“She wants treatment and start a new life,” Jong said.
“She says she has a problem with meth.”
Toner was also fined $300 each on two counts of failing to appear in court.

* * * * * * *

Maureen Ellen Davis, 52, of Kinuso, was fined $200 each on three counts of failing to appear in court.
She missed three docket days, court heard.

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