Deynaka wins shopping spree at Super A

Sonya Deynaka fills up her shopping cart near the beginning of her shopping spree.

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Three years ago, Cynthia Deynaka raced around High Prairie Super A as the winner of the store’s annual shopping spree.

This year, it was her sister’s turn.

Sonya Deynaka made her run throughout the store July 3 gathering just over $500 in groceries in 50 seconds.

In 2016, Cynthia gathered $498.40 but this year Sonya topped her at $501.26. Of course, Super A manager Garnet Naylor did not quibble with the $1.26 over the limit. In fact, he started counting rather slowly as the 50-second limit approached.

Sonya was this year’s winner in The Grocery People’s Fresh Giveaway contest. All stores in the chain were allowed one winner; her name was drawn from all entries.

Like her sister, Sonya scouted the store before her spree to develop a strategy.

“The meat section,” she said before her spree.

Sonya filled almost two carts during the spree, which limits the winner to two items and does not include such items as lottery, tobacco products and more.

TGP’s contest invited customers to shop at the store. They were given stickers to fill out cards. When a card was filled, it was entered into the draw. Each of TGP’s stores had one shopping spree winner.

Sonya is attending Athabasca University and taking psychology. She is the daughter of Alan and Cheryl Deynaka of High Prairie.

Darlene Johnson, also of High Prairie, won a similar spree in 2017 and collected $364.32.

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