E.W Pratt welcomes new VP, teachers

E.W. Pratt High School in High Prairie welcomes a new vice-principal and four new teachers. Left-right, are Ubon Asuquo, vice-principal Troy Runzer, Keaton Morton, Brendan Bloomfield and Marie-France Berneche.

Richard Froese
South Peace News

E.W. Pratt High School in High Prairie welcomes a new vice-principal and four new teachers.

Troy Runzer is the new vice-principal after serving one year in that position at Prairie River Junior High School in High Prairie.

“I’ve always believed that the role of vice-principal is one of supporting needs in the school: support for students, teaching colleagues and our principal as we strive to remain a positive part of the community,” Runzer says.

He has taught in Alberta for 16 years, which includes one year in Gift Lake School before he moved over to PRJH.

Ubon Asuquo teaches Physics and Math and will start Robotics in the second semester.

He has taught for over 10 years in Edmonton, Ontario and Africa where he was born and grew up in Nigeria.

Asuquo welcomes the opportunity to be in High Prairie.

“I want to know more about other communities,” Asuquo says.

He also plans to start a soccer team and math and science clubs in the school.

Marie-France Berneche teaches Science, Math and French.

She welcomes the new hometown in High Prairie.

“It’s a very friendly and lovely community,” Berneche says.

She taught more than 10 years in the Northwest Territories.

Brendan Bloomfield teaches Social Studies, Drama and Foods. Pratt is his first teaching position.

“I wanted to stay in Alberta,” says Bloomfield, who grew up in Calgary.

He graduated in 2019 with a Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta.

Bloomfield will coach badminton.

Keaton Morton teaches Industrial Arts and Outdoors.

“It’s my first teaching job,” Morton says.

“It seemed like a good fit for me in the interview.”

Morton will coach archery.

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