Editorial – High Prairie is keeping its own secrets

Jeff Burgar

Municipal government consultant George Cuff wrote in one of his books there were several reasons why people run for office in towns, municipal districts, Metis settlements, counties, villages and cities.

One reason was candidates wanted to be “in the know” about what was going on in their community. Most people don’t give a hoot about their local government. Few can name all council members. As long as the roads are decent in summer and winter, water is available, taxes are reasonable, all is good.

Of course, when they read about amounts councillors are paid, interest does shoot up. “What the heck is that gal doing taking home $20,000 per year? For going to a couple of meetings per month and she still won’t come look at my potholes?”

Back at the “in the know” item, some people do indeed want to know all the “secrets” they can. As Cuff wrote, some people like to be one of the people keeping secrets. No matter, if in government some secrets are morally wrong, some are downright illegal.

A few weeks ago in this newspaper, we wrote about the growing trend in life – especially in politics – to keep as much information from the public as possible. It’s sort of a rule: What the public or media doesn’t know can’t be used to hurt us.

Example is a list, supposedly of federal politicians, colluding with foreign players to meddle with elections, supply other governments with classified information like in defence or technology, and of course, being influenced with money and more to swing legislation not in the best of Canada’s interest. Who is on the list? So far it’s a secret! In fact, any politician allowed to see the list has to swear they will not name names. Conservative leader Poilievre won’t agree to that. Good for him!

Also following our editorial, an incident happened involving a Grade 8 student being beaten by another student in a washroom in her Nova Scotia school. Parents did not learn of details, other than the school was on ‘hold and secure’ until up to three days later. Much of that was not provided by the principal until pressure mounted. Among the details, there was an attack. Yes, a student was injured. And the attacker has already been involved in at least 10 other altercations against other students.

Wrote the principal, “Like all unacceptable behaviours, this incident is being addressed by Provincial School Code of Conduct policy. I assure you that safety of students and staff is our highest priority.”

Parents and students reacted to this babble by staging a walkout.

After all this, the principal finally emailed parents and wrote: “The individual involved has received serious and immediate consequences as per the Code of Conduct.” What that means is still unknown!

Maybe High Prairie councillors will stage their own walkout. If the SAGE Report about two ‘shadow leaders’ is believable, they live in fear of public harassment, harsh language, and verbal abuse. Tsk!

One would think the High Prairie mayor has totally lost control of meetings as this is happening.

Or is all this a concoction to slam two troublesome, anti-secret councillors?

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One thought on “Editorial – High Prairie is keeping its own secrets

  1. time to get rid of young offenders act and start informing the public who these individuals are,time for the stupid left to take a hike and bring sanity back into society.


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