Editorial – Time for Trudeau to step aside

Richard Froese

People in local communities and across Canada continue to struggle to survive amid rising prices of food, housing, fuel, transportation, electricity and inflation.

Everyone is wondering when it will end or at least ease as governments of all levels continue to examine and create solutions to control and curb increasing costs.

Many voters in Canada believe it is time for a new prime minister and federal government, according to an Ipsos opinion poll conducted from Dec. 8-11 where 1,000 Canadians were polled.

Exclusively conducted for Global News, the poll found 69 per cent of Canadians agree that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should resign as leader of the Liberal Party.

That number was slightly highly – 72 per cent – for the same question in a poll taken from Nov. 14-17.

Trudeau still has almost two years left in his mandate. An election must be held on or before Oct. 20, 2025, which would be one day after the 10th anniversary that the Liberals won the election to unseat the Conservative government.

Results of another question in the recent poll show most Canadians expect to go to the election poll one year earlier than the fixed election day as 59 per cent of respondents in the recent poll state they want an election in 2024.

However, 29 per cent disagree and 23 per cent were undecided.

Yet, Trudeau has the final say about the next time voters cast their ballots.

Albertans sure would prefer a federal election sooner rather than later.

If the prime minister goes the distance, it would mean Alberta voters could have two elections on the same day. The next local elections are set for 2025. Oct. 20, 2025 is the third Monday of October, the legislated day for local government elections for municipal councils and school division boards.

Alberta is strong Conservative country where it’s difficult to find many supporters of Trudeau and the Liberal Party. Trudeau is determined to shut down the oil and gas industry that has been an economic engine for not only the province, but the nation, for decades.

Conservative Party of Canada Leader Pierre Poilievre remains a favourite for prime minister across Canada since he was elected party leader Sept. 10, 2022 when he received 68 per cent of the votes by members on the first ballot.

An Ipsos poll from Sept. 15-18, 2023, found that 40 per cent of Canadians view Poilievre as the best candidate for prime minister, up from 35 per cent in September 2022.

Results of the 2023 survey found that more Canadians trust Poilievre than Trudeau.

On the pressing issues of health care, housing and the economy, more Canadians see Poilievre as the leader with the best plan to address each issue.

Mr. Trudeau, do what’s best for Canada – step down.

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