Editorial – We have a people problem

Chris Clegg

This newspaper gets asked many times why there is no winter festival in High Prairie.

We are sure it’s the same in many communities. Why isn’t there more things to do? Especially inexpensive events. Some communities do have winter events. The big St. Isidore Carnaval occurs Feb. 16-18 and is a spectacular show.

The region is not without its big events. Rodeos, powwows, trade shows, gun shows, fishing tournaments, boat races, festivals and much more. Many activities are planned for Family Day weekend. Make sure you attend if you can.

People wishing to attend these events have to realize it takes a lot of time and effort to organize them. Sometimes, bad weather can drastically affect outdoor events leaving organizers frustrated when nobody shows up.

And, the complainers on social media! That is another whole new kettle of fish! Perhaps there are some glitches at events but going on social media and trashing volunteers will not encourage them, it will discourage them. Be constructive! After all, these volunteers are not making million-dollar mistakes. Most are unpaid volunteers trying their best.

In High Prairie, the general rule is events tend to be well-attended when organized. Organizers can rest knowing they did a job well.

What is concerning is not too many young people are getting involved in community organizations. The most common reason is the Old Boys Club or Old Girls Club s is running everything and new volunteers do not really feel a valuable part of the organization. Hope that is not true but it is what we are hearing.

We have a message for the people who feel that way. Start a new event. Perhaps it is a winter festival in Falher or High Prairie. A summer ball hockey tournament in McLennan. A kids fishing derby at Joussard or Faust.

Street festivals have been incredibly popular in High Prairie. It is understandable that the task of taking on such an endeavour seems daunting but people will help. Find a few people who share your passion, and get started! Perhaps start small and try to grow the event.

Volunteers will tell you it is rewarding to organize events and see smiling faces. Somehow, we need to encourage more people to get involved. There is no magic wand we can wave to make this happen except to encourage more people to become involved.

There is only one reason we do not have more events to enjoy. We have a people problem.

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