Edmonton shooter on target

Northern Lights Trap Shoot co-ordinator Rodney Smith, left, presents Edmonton shooter David Shiers with the trophy for winning the high overall score at the event July 12-14 at the High Prairie Gun Range.

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Low attendance at the first Northern Lights Trap Shoot July 12-14 at the High Prairie Gun Range is not discouraging organizers.

Shoot co-ordinator Rodney Smith, who placed second in high overall score, says each event has to start somewhere and take baby steps in order to grow.

“When people see our range word will spread,” says Smith.

“We fed [the shooters] and treated them well. We’re friendly and we treat them well.”

As a result, he is confident they will return home and tell other shooters who might attend next year.

Smith is also encouraged by members of the Edmonton Gun Club, who attended and gave plenty of compliments.

“They said we put on a good shoot,” says Smith.

The winner, Dave Shiers, of Edmonton, has ties locally and started taking up the sport here. Shiers was working for Habitat for Humanity a few years ago when he started shooting at the range.

“We lent him a gun and he started shooting,” says Smith.

Visitors were also impressed with the volunteers who attended to help at the shoot.

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