Emergency funds granted for boiler

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Funding for a new boiler in the Banana Belt Hall has been granted by Big Lakes County.

At its regular meeting June 12, council approved emergency capital funding of $3,375 as requested by the Banana Belt Recreation Association.

Volunteers recently found the boiler was not working, says Heather Nanninga, director of corporate services.

“Upon inspection, it was discovered that the boiler transformer had burnt up and the boiler was out,” says a letter from association secretary-treasurer Darla Driscoll.

“It is believed the boiler is the original boiler when the hall was built at least 30 years ago.”

Association president Malcolm Sokoloski spoke to council about the request.

“It’s the original boiler when the hall was built, it’s 35-37 years old,” Sokoloski says.

“It’s a pretty standard boiler that lasted about 35 years.”

Kinuso Councillor Ken Killeen questioned the request before Sokoloski appeared as a delegation.

“If you know a boiler is 30 years old, you’d think that someone would plan ahead to replace it before coming to the county for funding,” Killeen says.

Nanninga says the request complies with the county’s grant policy, adding 50 per cent is paid by county.

“This case qualifies as emergent, the situation is unforeseen and if not remedied, will pose a significant risk to the building,” she says.

Applicants must prove the situation is an immediate risk to heath, life, property or environment.

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