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2 thoughts on “General Comments

  1. The Slave Lake mayor is all over the place welcoming people from the High Level fire. I wonder where the High Prairie mayor or the Big Lakes reeve are at? Maybe serving up food at a soup line for the displaced folk or emptying garbage pails? Nah. Too much to expect.

  2. I hear High Prairie and surrounding Citizens bitch and complain all the time. Our governments suck and waste our hard earned tax paying dollars. The roads are a mess. Young offenders get off with nothing. Our schools don’t even teach the three R’s anymore and the kids really can’t tell time on a clock, only a digital one. And so it goes. I’m fed up hearing about it but I’m only one person, that’s it.
    Want to bitch and complain to over a thousand and people who are in charge and will read what you say?
    Well you just read this, and so will the people who call the shots and your neighbours.
    What do you have to say? Don’t tell me, tell this paper or shuttie.


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