Girouxville Museum president stepping down after 30 years

Emily Plihal
Local Journalism
Initiative Reporter

The Girouxville Museum is seeking some new individuals to sit on the board of a very beloved facility in the Smoky River Region.

The museum is located at 5015- 50 Street in Girouxville and has over 6,000 artifacts. The artifacts depict the history of pioneers and missionaries who settled the Smoky River Region. The collection is vast, and it includes a variety of items from transportation to communication methods, education exhibits to fur trade and hunting.

“I think the museum is very special to our area for locals and visitors, it helps us reconnect with our area’s history,” says current Girouxville Museum president Terri Paradis.

“We’re looking for new members for the board as some are retiring and others are moving away from the area.”

Paradis says the museum represents the first pioneers, Indigenous people, and missionaries of the region. It was first opened to the public in 1969, with the committee later initiated by Father Clement Desrochers OMI, who was the founder of the museum.

Paradis says she is stepping down from the role of president after 30 years, hoping there will be a new individual with passion for the museum to take her place.

The volunteer committee was created on April 29, 1994, with 20 community volunteers working with Father Desrochers. Paradis was elected president at the time, with vice-president Raymond Dallaire, secretary Louise Couillard, and treasurer Helene Couillard.

“Our society, Friends of Musee Girouxville Museum, was incorporated May 11, 2007,” says Paradis.

“When there are projects to complete, we just let the community know and lots of volunteers show up to help,” she adds.

Village of Girouxville CAO Estelle Girard oversees the museum, but Paradis explains the committee formulates suggestions that are brought to Girard for her approval.

“Our leader is Estelle and we are very privileged to work with her,” says Paradis, adding the museum board provides great experience and the ability to immerse one’s self in the region’s rich history.

“It is important that you like history and can be available if needed. Our goal is to be very cherry ambassadors for the museum, Village, and the Smoky River region,” she adds.

Paradis urges interested volunteers to come out to their annual general meeting on April 22 at 7 p.m. in the Girouxville Community Hall. She says they are hoping to add many new members to their roster because there are a few people moving or stepping down from their roles.

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