Grade 1B students sharing joke-of-the-day

Zayden Salai-Cloutier won the Grade 5C award this month for an improved attitude.

HPE Staff

High Prairie Elementary School staff wanted to continue to let our community know what we are up to with our students.

Grade 3J students are excited about their Genius Hour projects. So far, students have taught each other about soccer, ‘69 Mustangs, magic tricks, and how to seed and fertilize a crop.

In Math, Grade 4S is learning about prisms. Students are describing the attributes of prisms as well as creating these prisms using Play-doh, clay or toothpicks and marshmallows.

In LA, Grade 4S students have started a comprehension poetry lesson called Menu From the Bughouse Restaurant. Students are describing their favourite restaurant, describing the main categories found on a menu and making connections with the title of the poem.

Students can still review their Math during Google Meets in Grade 6L. They have no excuse come Grade 7! Ha, ha!

The Grade 5 teachers held their month-end assembly during their weekly Google Meet. They also turned their Google Meet into Wacky, Crazy Hair Day. Teacher, Charlene Porisky gave her award to two students: Ryder Peters and Victoria Forget. Porisky said that Peters and Forget have been working so hard to complete all of their assignments online. They show determination, dedication, and even enthusiasm towards their assignments, and she is so proud of all the hard work these two are putting in! Keep up the fantastic work, Ryder and Vicky!

Grade 5C teacher, Brenda Coulombe, gave her award to Zayden Salai-Cloutier. Cou- lombe said that his attitude toward school and himself have changed! Over the nine months in HPE, Salai-Cloutier has shown his kind side, patient side, funny side and not giving up side. Even if he still thinks his teacher is crazy for calling herself the queen, Coulombe is still proud to have him as her student!

Grade 1B had fun in some of their Google meets during the last couple of weeks. Students have had a joke day where they “cracked each other up” with hilarious jokes. They also made a tag-along story, played bingo with sight words, and this week they are going on some virtual field trips to a zoo and a farm, and taking along our favourite stuffed animals. Some people may even share their animal reports they are writing this week. Sometimes it is nice just to catch up with our classmates on our Google Meets and find out what they’ve all been doing.

To quote Dr. Seuss: “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go!”

In Grade 2CL, students have been exploring underwater animals who live on the coast by the sea, and undersea dwellers, too! They’re read stories about herons and crabs, discovered some of the father fish in the ocean who take care of their babies in unique ways. They even watched a video of a father seahorse releasing 2,000 tiny babies from his pouch after they hatched! One of their stories was a fable with a special message to learn, while some of their reading was non-fiction, discovering some of the crazy creatures in the deepest part of the ocean. Reading is exploring and students are having lots of fun exploring together, even though they’re learning by computer, and phone and on Google Meets.

Grade KC is enjoying spending time outside in their Sit Spot! What is a Sit Spot? It is a place outside, you choose, to enjoy nature; looking and listening to what is around you! You can bring a book, do some drawing or just sit and enjoy. The only rule is no talking! Give it a try with your family; the KC students have been doing it all year at school and now they have been able to try at home. Blaze found a great place on his trampoline, Daylen is enjoying sitting on his swing and hammock, and Zoey is loving sitting on her lawn chair outside. Even their teacher, Becki Cardinal, has a Sit Spot on her favourite red chair on her deck.

In Grade 6M, students have been working on equivalent fractions, as well as ratio in Math. They shared recipes and indicated how they could increase and decrease the quantities in the recipes. In Language Arts, students have been reading the book, Endangered, by Eliot Schrefer. They have been having in-depth discussions around the many problems the main character face to save her little ape while trying to survive a civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The students have been using the Jamboard app during our Google Meets to share idea sketches and their predictions or connections about this story.

Check in with us next week to see what’s happening at HPE!

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