Grade 6 students thank councils for service

St. Andrew’s Grade 6 students, Tegan Laughlin, left, and Franchesca Reyes thank Big Lakes County council with a slideshow presentation at the council meeting Jan. 23.

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Students of a High Prairie school are thankful for municipal councils.

Big Lakes County council was thanked by Grade 6 students of St. Andrew’s School at its regular meeting Jan. 23.

Franchesca Reyes and Tegan Laughlin gave a slideshow presentation to thank council and each member for their contributions.

“Thank you, Big Lakes County council,” they said.

“You do a lot for us, and we really appreciate everything you do.

“We appreciate your dedication and hard work.

“Thank you to our wonderful council members.”

Students thanked each council member for serving on the various committees.

Reyes and Laughlin said it was a pleasure to learn about government as they closed their presentation.

“We hope that you enjoyed our presentation,” they said.

“It was an honor for us to be here today with everyone.”

About 50 Social Studies students of teacher Fran Caudron attended the council meeting for their 15-minute visit.

Students enjoyed an impromptu question-and-answer session with council.

Students will write letters to council and include suggestions and questions they hope to get answers for.

“Students are learning about the three levels of government, from municipal, to provincial and federal, and the council meeting is a way to see local government in action,” Caudron says.

Last year after visiting the council meeting, several students suggested that the sound could be improved by having microphones for council, she says.

“The people spoke and Big Lakes County council listened,” Caudron says.

“This year, there are microphones.”

Each student produced a slideshow presentation and then the class selected the one they thought best represented the information they learned.

“The visit to the county office is a wonderful way of connecting the students’ lives with what goes on at the municipal government level and to develop an appreciation for what our elected government representatives and the people who work for the county do for their communities,” Caudron says.

Students also toured the administrative building and were treated to a pizza lunch with council and several administrators and employees.

Earlier in the day, students toured the Town of High Prairie office and fire hall.

They asked questions to Mayor Brian Panasiuk, Councillor Brian Gilroy and fire chief Ken Melnyk.

Students presented a similar slideshow to thank the mayor and councillors for their hard work and dedication.

The slideshow is scheduled to be shown at the next council meeting Feb. 12.

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