Grades 1 learning how to fill ‘buckets’

Nevaeh Cunningham
Alison Siegfries

Nevaeh Cunningham
Alison Siegfries
HPE Reporters

This is Nevaeh Cunningham and Alison Siegfries with this week’s South Peace News report from High Prairie Elementary School.

Grade 1I is learning about actions that fill buckets. Bucket filling actions are kind, helpful, inclusive and honest. They have a classroom bucket they are trying to fill together by being kind. Once it is full they get a prize.

Students in Grade 6L are researching to prepare for debates regarding issues, such as mandatory masks, restorations on businesses due to COVID, and whether a vaccine should be mandatory. Teacher Chris Langlois is eager to hear their debate.

Cold and flu season is among us! Here are some tips to keep you healthy all winter long: dress appropriately for the weather, i.e., mittens, hats, and winter boots as well as ski pants.

Please continue using the checklist provided by Alberta Health Services and stay home if you have a cough, fever, shortness of breath, runny nose, or sore throat that is not related to pre existing illness or health conditions.

Parents, please check agendas regularly [daily would be best]. There are often time sensitive notes for parents or important forms in the plastic pocket at the front of the agenda for parents to sign and return to school. Agendas are the preferred way to let your teachers know of your child’s after school.

On Oct. 30 we will be having a Halloween costume hallway parade after lunch. Feel free to send costumes to school with your students as staff will be helping them to dress after lunch.

Weather permitting, we will also have an outdoor parade that parents are welcome to watch from the fence at 2:45 p.m.

Thank you for continuing to take the safety of students and staff seriously. Your patience is certainly appreciated as we navigate our new normal here at the school.

HPE has a lunch program! Meals are approximately $5 each and have been approved by Alberta Health Services as healthy and compliant with schools.

Grade 5PS Students In-Class: students are participating in a wellness walk and scavenger hunt with our school’s wellness coach. In Music, students are reviewing and refining their music theory skills for a big fun project coming up! Students are participating in a game called Staff Jump. They jump on a giant music staff taped to the class floor. They jump on the note that is given to them. We will begin with treble clef notes. In Health, students have been engaged with a program put on by our school HOSTS. The program is called GoZen. It focuses on mental well being.

Grade 5PS will go on a journey where they will find strategies, science, and more than a few mind-blowing facts to help them transform stress into courage, worry into confidence, and anxiety into resilience!

Grade 5PS – Online: in Math, students will create an estimating project they will present to their peers. From around their homes, students will collect objects and contain them. Their peers will then need to use estimating strategies learned in class to give an accurate estimate of the objects in each student’s collection of objects. In LA, students will learn valuable elaborate techniques to write an engaging beginning and conclusion to their personal narrative planning page. Students will have the opportunity to hear many great examples of strong introductions and conclusions that have been published. Also, peers will have the opportunity to present and read their own work.

Grade 5C students went on a great Health Walk with Keitlyn Williams, our Wellness Coach, Annika Sware, our HOSTS representative, and EA Laura St. Cyr to Jaycee Park Oct. 7. It gave the students a chance to spread out, get some fresh air and just have some fun!

Check in with us next week to see what’s happening at HPE.

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