HOSTS – Mental health is everyone’s business


Helping Our Students to Succeed wants to remind everyone “It’s OK to not be OK” during Mental Health Awareness Week May 2-8.

HOSTS also says there is help available for you and it’s never too late to take care of your mental health.

Many activities are occurring during Mental Health Awareness Week. The HOSTS team will be handing out green awareness ribbons to people around High Prairie.

“Please wear a green ribbon in support of Mental Health Awareness Week and have a conversation about mental health,” reads a news release from HOSTS.

Mental health is important to everyone. Feeling good is about taking care of yourself. It involves simple things like spending time with friends, walking in the sunshine on your coffee break or enjoying a funny video.

Research shows that self-care is vital to feeling good which builds and maintains positive mental health. The best part is – it should be fun! It’s not about forcing yourself to meditate, do yoga or write in a journal every night, unless you like those things, in which case it is!

Self-care is about incorporating behaviours into your day that refresh and replenish you. It is allowing yourself time to do the simple things that make you feel more connected and alive.

Self-care is figuring out what it is that resets you, supports shifts in your mood. This allows you to feel good amongst the day-to-day tasks that can sometimes feel like routine, overwhelming or too much.

HOSTS is inviting everyone to take part in their “Ways to Wellness” challenge. Each day has a new theme to try, including to be kind, practice gratitude, eat healthy foods, get active, appreciate yourself, get your groove on, and laugh.

Remember, self-care should be enjoyable and refreshing, not an obligation. Start small, be creative and do what works for you. Little changes can make a big difference.
HOSTS creates contest
HOSTS would like to hear about the ways you stay mentally healthy so they created a contest.

If you like HOSTS on Facebook “HOSTS PROJECT” and comment with one positive thing that you do for your mental health. Examples include reading, walking, taking a hot bath, meditating, visiting positive friends, etc. You must like and comment to be entered in the draw.

Every entrant will have a chance to win either a $100 gift card to the High Prairie Golf Course or a $100 gift card to EC Bar Ranch.

The contest will run during Mental Health Week. The draw will take place May 9. The winner will be contacted by Facebook, so please remember to check your ‘other’ folder in case you are a winner on May 9.
Take part in yoga
HOSTS is also offering a free yoga class on Monday, May 2 from 6-7 at the Bliss Gym.

Anyone interested must sign up in advance to reserve a spot by contacting Lauri Davidson at [780] 523-4595 or Brandi Papineau at [780] 523-4418.

We know you have been missing yoga so we are treating you to a free class with an experienced instructor. See you there!

For more information, contact HOSTS at [780] 523-4595.

– information supplied by HOSTS

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