HP complies with CRC’s request to attend meetings

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

High Prairie town council has relented.

After denying a request last time, they agreed to send a rep to the High Prairie and District Children’s Resource Council meetings.

The decision was reached at council’s May 26 meeting and is only in place until October, when the decision will be re-examined.

CRC board chair Lois Dunn wrote a letter to council April 28 making the request, noting since they were now the hub for a larger service area, it was important to show everyone that High Prairie supported them.

“…to demonstrate the Town’s official dedication and support of our ‘High Prairie based’ organization,” wrote Dunn.

“They think it’s beneficial if a councillor is on the board,” said Councillor Michael Long.

But he suggested a councillor sit as a liaison, not as a member. He cited cost as the reason.

Mayor Brian Panasiuk agreed, saying the Town was previously told to limit the number of committees they serve on.

“But where do we draw the line?” he asked.

No one disputed it was important to be part of a committee when requested, but Municipal Affairs has made it clear councils not sit on too many community boards or organizations.

Council appointed Councillor Debbie Rose, with Panasiuk as an alternate, until October.

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