HP Tim Hortons stalls again

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

News last week that broke announcing Fair- view is getting a Tim Hortons franchise has left many in High Prairie wondering the status of the proposed local Timmies.

High Prairie Mayor Brian Panasiuk says he is “cautiously optimistic” the Tim Hortons store will be built.

“I know the developer is still moving forward on the project,” he says.

“My understanding is that they have run into some issues and are hoping to have them resolved soon. Should know more in a month.”

Panasiuk did not disclose the issues.

A development permit to build was taken out by the developer earlier this year.

The project has met several roadblocks for years. Unconfirmed reports now indicate that First Aberdeen Properties, the same company that built Peavey Mart, is involved, and plan to build the store. In turn, they would rent to Tim Hortons’ owner.

Efforts to contact First Aberdeen Property Limited’s managing director, Martin Blair, were unsuccessful.

In an earlier interview, Blair said Tim Hortons would become the anchor tenant of the East Gate development. He added other stores would be built once Tim Hortons opened.

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