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HPE Staff

Even teachers wear masks at HPE! Left-right, are Grade 6 teacher Chris Langlois, and Grade 5 in class and at home learning teachers Charlene Porisky and Crystal Stecik.

Welcome back! The staff at High Prairie Elementary School was very excited to see our students’ faces return to class. School isn’t the same without our students in the building.

Having stated that, there are quite a few new habits that we all have to get into. Parents please remember:

  • Do the COVID test with your children each morning: if they have any of the symptoms they need to stay home and get tested, do not send the check list sheet to school each day. It is for at home checking.
  • Pick-up and drop off your children at the playground [please use parent parking and not the bus lane].
  • If your child is late, please bring them to the flagpole door, phone the office, and wait there with your child until a staff member comes to take your child to their classroom.
  • Please ensure that your child has their mask when they leave for school each morning. Students in Grades 4-6 are not allowed in the building without a mask.
  • The HPE School Lunch program will start Sept. 14 [lunch order forms are due on Sept. 10].

To all of our parents out there, thank you for being so patient with us as we are working through the systems and procedures to keep everyone safe.

We are not allowed to have any guests in our school. If you need to deliver something to your child or pick up your child, phone the office at [780] 523-4531, and secretary Cathy Kryzanowski will come to the flagpole door to meet you. She is getting as much exercise as our travelling French teacher. With the “No Guests Allowed” thought, we will try to provide pictures each week of what is happening at HPE so that you have a chance to see.

This year we have arrows on the floor reminding us of which side of the hallway to be walking on.

Rena, our wonderful day cleaner, is washing bathrooms, rails, door handles and any other surfaces that the students and staff may touch during the day. Mel and his staff are deep cleaning each room, bathroom and hallway after school.

Our French teacher, Magalie Frechette, is getting her exercise this year. She has been dubbed our travelling French teacher. She takes her cart of goodies and her knowledge into the classes instead of the students travelling from hallway to hallway.

Since our students were little, they have been taught to share. Parents and teachers have taught them this kindness. Our children have learned this lesson well. Sadly, this year sharing is not allowed. This makes it extra important that your child have all of their school supplies. If there is a problem with getting them something on their supply list please contact the school.

Health Regulations recommends turning off the water fountains. Every student should be bringing a reusable water bottle everyday. Our water refilling stations are still open for use. Some of our wonderful parents held a small fundraiser in the summer and were able to buy reusable water bottles. There is a limited supply. If your child needs one please let your child’s teacher know right away while supply lasts. Staying hydrated is very important, the brain works much better when it is hydrated.

Hand sanitizer is being supplied to each school, for each classroom. It is used before the students enter the school, the library and the gym. High Prairie School Division’s policy is that only adults may have the hand sanitizer to disperse.

As much as possible, occupied lockers have been spaced apart so that students are not standing side by side. Where this is not possible, students have been placed in groups such as A, B, C. A group goes to their locker, then B, and then C.

If you pick up your child from the playground at the end of the day, please ensure their teacher has seen you. Teachers are keeping track of where their students are at all times, even after the bell rings. If the student is getting on the bus, there are adults there checking. If the student is walking, there is an adult watching that they are leaving the school grounds by the proper, safe gate. If a child is headed to parent parking, an adult is checking to see they get to the vehicle and if a student is being picked up they are watching for the parent. Please help us by letting us know you are taking your child.

Our one-on-one technology has not arrived yet, so in the meantime each piece of technology used by students has been numbered and assigned to specific students in the same cohort. Adults are the only ones handing out and collecting the technology each time. Before it is put away it is cleaned for the next class.

The Terry Fox Walk is coming up on Sept. 28. Each class will be taking students for the walk. It may only be around the school yard. HPE is again collecting a “Toonie for Terry”. If you are able to send in a toonie we would like to surpass the amount that we raised last year.

Sept. 30 is Orange Shirt Day in remembrance of residential schools. We would like everyone in the school who can, to wear an orange shirt that day.

Grades KC and KR have spent an exciting first week reading Pete the Cat and working on some fun projects. Students have been painting and colouring Pete the Cat and all his friends. This week, students have spent time exploring their Outdoor Classroom and learning what to do in their kindergarten classrooms. Thank you to all the parents who participated in the Google meet orientation and brought their child to the student orientation in the classroom. Parents, please watch for more information coming soon about the LAC Kindergarten parent group, who will be meeting soon.

In Grade 1I, students are learning about all the sounds in each other’s names. They are exploring what the weather, plants, animals and people do during the fall. And they are exploring numbers by sorting. It has been an awesome first week.

Our new HE Peer Group starts next week. Grade 6 students Alison Siegfries, Karina Munos and Nevaeh Cunningham will be writing the report and hopefully doing the Radio News as well. Later in the year we are hoping to add in a few Grade 5 students to the Peer Group.

Check in with us next week to see what’s happening at HPE!

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