HPE Grades 5s creating historical journals

Zaida Quevillon
Alison Siegfries

Alison Siegfries
Zaida Quevillon
HPE Reporters

This is Alison and Zaida with our High Prairie Elementary School news of the year, for the South Peace News report.

In Grade 3J, students started January with a ‘Fair Test’ so they could understand the importance of developing quality experiments for their building unit.

The students in Grade 5C have been helping the Grade 2 Reading Buddies improve their reading fluency. Once a week the two classes meet and the Grade 5 student helps the Grade 2 student with their reading fluency through Precision Reading. The students are all getting quite good at this and that leaves them time to read picture books together.

In Grade 2CL, the students are starting the New Year with lots of new goals. One goal is to add and subtract quickly. They have been practicing lots of strategies to help them.

In Grade 1B, students wrote goals to work on for the New Year. They will be reading about snowmen for the next couple of weeks they made it in our class with paper snowflakes.

In Science, Grade 6M students have been studying about constellations. They are working on writing their own legend and myth about constellations of their choosing.

Grade 4S is learning to rock paint. They will also learn about its cultural and historical significance. Students skate on Friday, Jan. 17 and Tuesday, Jan. 28 this month. Students will explore the building of devices by building roller-coasters and completing building challenges.

Over the holidays, Grade 5C students interviewed their oldest living relatives. The students will use this information to create a Google slide presentation about their relative. This is our fun part of the social and L.A. curriculum. Students are a part of Canadian history and the students in 5C will see how they came to fit into that history.

Grade 5C students have been working to create historical journals from the perspective of a Canadian immigrant. With this task completed the students are now working with Marcus Frowley from IT to create a 3D rendering that is a good symbol representation of their immigrant.

With concert season full swing, Grade 5C has been working with gym teacher, Melissa Isaac, to find alternative ways to enjoy gym. When the weather is nice they are outside playing Capture the Flag. When it is too cold, they enjoy Classroom Scooter Balloon Volleyball. Grade 5C students are all great sports!

Check in with us next week to see what’s happening at HPE!

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