HPE – Rootin’ tootin’ time enjoyed by K students

Emily Fortin

Emily Fortin
HPE Reporter
This is Emily Fortin here with this week’s South Peace News report from High Prairie Elementary School.

Grade 2L has been working extremely hard to know everything about numbers.

Grade 3J would like to thank E.W. Pratt High School for lending our school their high jump mats. They had a great time learning technique.

Grade 1S is excited for June as they have many fun mini-field trips planned. They are also learning about patience while watching and waiting for their bean plants to grow.

HPE would like to thank Kayla Killoran from the High Prairie Municipal Library for having us on May 25 to do science experiments using Lego, and using a catapult. We had a great time and we really appreciated it.

Grades 3P, 3J and 2/3CL were so excited to have an Animal Life Cycles presentation last week. They have also welcomed some sweet, tiny, fuzzy caterpillars into their classrooms.

The Grade 4-5 students and teachers would like to thank all the adults involved in making their Spring Night a success May 30. There was singing, music and Grade 5 historical vignettes. The students had lots of fun!

The kindergarten classes had a great time visiting Stephen and Darla Williscroft’s farm. Thank you for making it such an awesome learning experience for the students!

On May 18 the kindergarten students had Rodeo Day! They started with a delicious pancake breakfast, then got ready for the rodeo. Thank you to Matt Marquardt for showing us how to rope and teach us about branding. The students had so much fun.

On May 25 the kindergarten staff organized a Family Barbecue. Thank you to all the parents who attended, it was wonderful to see you! A special thank-you to principal Mitch Hammond, and vice principal Kim Corless, Jessie Johnston, EAs Kathy Thompson, Kristy-Lynn Barton and Amanda Tomkins, students Mya Cardinal and Elizabeth Romick for helping make the barbecue a success!

The kindergarten students are now anxiously awaiting for their butterflies to hatch in their classrooms.

Grade 6M students have been learning about how ancient civilizations governed themselves by studying ancient Athens and the Iroquois Confederacy. It has been fascinating to learn about these ancient cultures.

All the Grade 6 students practiced hard to put on an entertaining musical show May 31. We hope all those who attended had a great time.

Have a great week and check in with us next week to see what’s happening at HPE!

Ride ‘em, cowboy! Aiden Laderoute pretends he’s at the Calgary Stampede riding a buckin’ bronc at HPE’s Rodeo Day May 18!
Lucas Corbiere prepares to lasso a “wild bull” at HPE’s Rodeo Day May 18. No chance of this fericious beast doing any harm!

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