HPSD confirms new trustee appointments

Richard Froese
South Peace News

The High Prairie School Division trustees have new appointments for the coming year.

The board and new High Prairie Trustee Adrian Wong were appointed to boards and committees at its organizational meeting June 19.

Roles were confirmed for board chair Joyce Dvornek of High Prairie, vice chair Ali Mouallem of Slave Lake, Jou- ssard-Kinuso Trustee Lorrie Shelp and Donnelly-Falher Trustees Karin Scholl and Lynn Sprepnek, Slave Lake Trustee Steve Adams, Supt. Laura Poloz and secretary-treasurer Jody Frowley.

Here are the appointments for 2019-2020:

  • -Board and bus drivers’ liaison committee – Mouallem, Wong, Shelp (alternate), superintendent, secretary-treasurer, and the director of transportation Harry Davis.
  • -Board and teachers liaison – Scholl, Skrepnek, Mouallem, superintendent, and secretary-treasurer.
  • -Finance committee – committee of the whole, superintendent, and secretary-treasurer.
  • -Bus drivers’ salary negotiations and interpretation committee – Scholl, Adams, Shelp, Skrepnek (alternate), superintendent and secretary-treasurer.
  • -Alberta School Boards Association Zone 1 representative – Scholl, Wong (alternate).
  • -Planning and priorities committee – committee of the whole and superintendent.
  • -Pupil personnel committee – comprised of one trustee and one central office person (as designated by the superintendent).
  • -Teachers’ salary negotiations and interpretation committee – Mouallem, Scholl, Skrepnek, Dvornek (alternate), superintendent and secretary-treasurer.
  • -Public School Boards’ Association Council – Dvornek, Shelp (alternate).
  • -Trustee professional development committee – committee of the whole and superintendent.
  • -Board and First Nation, Métis, Inuit, liaison committee – one trustee from each ward, superintendent and secretary-treasurer.
  • -High Prairie joint-use committee – High Prairie trustees Dvornek and Wong, superintendent and secretary-treasurer.
  • -Kinuso School and Community Library Board joint-use committee – Schelp, superintendent and secretary-treasurer.
  • -Recognition of employees committee – Scholl, Dvornek and Shelp (alternate).
  • -Council of school councils committee – board chair or designate and superintendent.
  • -Rural caucus committee – Shelp and Scholl (alternate).

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