Ice Huts on Lesser Slave Lake

Collections of ice fishing huts appear where ever fish, particularly walleye, might be found. One hut appears. Then another. Then another. The appearances begin around mid-December, when ice is thick enough to support a person. As winter progresses, ice will support snowmobiles and ATV’s. And of course, huts.

Joussard. Faust. Kinuso. Driftpile. Hilliards Bay. Cutbank in the west. Widewater. Canyon Creek. Slave Lake. Marten River in the east. While numbers will vary, the most popular spot is in front of Joussard. There are about 120 huts on the lake right now. More will probably arrive.

Last year is mostly described as “slow” for fishing of all species during winter. So slow in fact that a few people are calling for walleye to be stocked into Lesser Slave Lake. This year, the few reports we’ve had describe fishing as good to excellent.

Huts have to be off the ice by March 31. Which means there is plenty of time to take in the fishing. No hut is needed but you do need a fishing license. Coming up on February 20, Family Day, no license is required.

For those looking for some of the comforts of home, huts can be rented.

What might be called “Pinto Avenue,” the main road in front of the Pinto ice hut rentals at Joussard.
More Pinto huts. There are other rentals available at Joussard.
When weather is nice, outside fishing is enjoyable too.
Don’t let the sign on the hut above fool you. Ice fishing is open to young and old, male and female, and a great winter sport. Huts come in all shapes and sizes. There are home made, factory built, and even portables at Glamour & Gear and Peavey Mart in High Prairie that un-snap to set up and also collapse in a few minutes. Be prepared if it is windy. There are tips online for using portables.
When weather is favourable, Joussard is a winter jamboree for anglers.

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