Identification of Veterans’ graves completed

Alaina Stecik places a poppy at the grave of Joe Basarab during No Stone Left Alone Nov. 7.

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

So, just how did students know where to go to place poppies during No Stone Left Alone?

The job of identifying the graves of Veterans is a passion St. Mark’s Anglican Church Cemetery chairperson Stella Sware has taken on for years.

“The work is done,” says Sware. “There are 67 Veterans in St. Mark’s.

In June 2020, the committee painted red poppies on their headstones.

“Now everyone will know who they are,” says Sware.

“We will remember our fallen heroes.”

There is one small item left to complete, however. Each year, South Peace News publishes the photos of Veterans. Not all have been found. In the following list, Sware hopes someone will have a photo of one of the 14 missing Veterans.

Veterans with no photos in South Peace News

George Burgess
John Broughton
John B. Gavin
Frank Guild
Donald Griffiths
Alfred Jones
Andrew Marr
Robert Marsh
Marquis John Martel
Clarence Meng
Jacob Olexak
John Powell
Thomas Scott
David Taylor

Veterans with photos in South Peace News

Celestine Auger
Bernard Barker
Alex Basarab
Joe Basarab
Crawford Beamish
Wes Beamish
Joe Bellerose
Helmer Berg
Joe Bigcharles
Soloman Bottle
Richard Bramwell
Ted Crawford
Mark Cuthbert
Harold Ferguson
Fred Fisher
Richard Allan Fox
Herb Franklin
Ken Freeman
Julian Gladue
Lester Guild
James Halldorson
Joseph Halldorson
Charles Ireland
DeCourcy Ireland
James Ireland
Thomas Ireland
Jack Keay
William Keay
Fred Kunce
Leo Kunce
Ike Lawrence
Edward MacIntyre
William Martin
Robert Moore
James Morrow
Robert Norman
Konrad Nygaard
George Payne
Hartley Petterson
Gilbert Ragan
Guy W. Randall
James Randall
Elof Bertram Sahlin
Fred Smith
Joe Smith
John Smith
Peter Tomkins
Herman Vandermark
Harry Walker
Andrew Walters
Ben Washington
George Weston
Reg Williscroft

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