Inspiration – Feast days serve as reminder

Lay Minister Joseph L’Heureux

“Gather us in Lord, the lost and the lonely,
Gather us in the lost and the brave,
Gather us in the poor and the lowly,
Gather us in Lord, the whole human race,”

This song came to me one morning as I was dreaming of cooking a meal for the homeless. The meal consisted of salmon, shrimp, lobster and other rich foods along with vegetables of all sorts.

I know this song is one we sing at church quite frequently and wondered what this might mean for an article on All Saints’ and All Soul’s feast days, but after some time in prayer I realized that it was quite appropriate for this occasion. Let me explain.

In the book of Acts, St. Peter has a dream about killing a group of animals which are among the restricted foods Jews are not allowed to eat. Of course, Peter resists and says, “Lord I have never eaten anything that is profane and unclean.” [Acts 10:14]

The Lord responds with the statement: “What God has made clean, you must not call profane.” [Acts 10:15]

This was repeated to Peter three times. It would help if you were familiar with the book of Acts. It is the only book of the New Testament that is not signed off, leading us Christians to understand that the book of Acts continues into our time for those who believe.

How does this relate to our subject to All Souls’ and Saint’s days?

Since St. Peter’s dream and message from God through the Holy Spirit was telling him that Jesus died on the cross not only for Jews, but all of us, the whole human race.

This should help us understand that my dream and song, is reaffirming the same message for us all that Jesus died on the cross for all of us and we who have been baptized in Christ Jesus’ name have a responsibility to also pray for all peoples.

Both days are set aside as reminders to pray for all our families, not only on these two days but the whole month.

Let’s consider how we should pray, since Mother Mary has attained the title of Queen of Intercessors these past 38 years and has led through the rosary, six children in her appearances in Medjugorje, millions of people to become intercessors, we too should pick up our rosary and join her army.

Let’s look at a few cycles in history. Two thousand years after His creation, God renewed the face of the earth with the flood, due to a perverse and evil behaviour. [Genesis 7]

In the time of Abraham, God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah with fire from heaven for its depravity. [Genesis 19]

Our Lord through Moses chose for His possession the Israelites leading them out of Egyptian slavery into the promised Land of Israel, over a period of 40 years, around the year 1,200 B.C.

Two thousand years after the flood, when Jesus again renewed the face of the earth with His own blood, He spent 40 days in the desert at the beginning of His ministry, then after His resurrection, He remained with His Disciples for another 40 days before His ascension into heaven.

Since His creation of mankind God has renewed the face of the earth every 2,000 years, first the flood, then Jesus’ sanctifying sacrifice of his own blood on the Cross 2,000 years ago. Now at the 6,000-year part of history we have had Mother Mary’s appearances on earth, which she says is the last time she will appear on earth.

These overlapping God incidences speak for themselves and let’s not forget all the fires over the past decades, perhaps an indication of the 26 times fires are referred to in the book Revelation.

My own personal calling came just after the beginning of Mother Mary’s appearances, almost 40 years ago, first working with the homeless. Then this past 10 or 12 years writing an article for another type of homeless, a people with no heavenly home due to a lack of an earthly church practice. I’m sure this is what prompted the dream and song above.

These appearances by Mother Mary these past 40 odd years should be telling us we are on the verge of something great happening throughout the universe.

Mary invites us to say our rosary with her, this is not a command but a beautiful invitation for the world needs our prayer united with her.

God Bless!

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