Inspiration – God has done something about it!

Pastor Keith Williams,
High Prairie Bethel Baptist Church

A.W. Tozer on the Almighty God says, “… But how can God say to the sinner, ‘I’ll move over halfway.’ Can He say, ‘You’re blind so I’ll move over and be half blind, and you’ll move over and be half blind …’

“And thus by God coming halfway and compromising Himself, could He and man be reconciled? To do that God would have to void His Godhead and cease to be God.

“I’d rather go to hell than go to heaven presided over by a god who would compromise with sin, and I believe every true man and woman would feel the same. We want God to be the Holy God that He is … the Prodigal Son and His Father did not meet halfway to the far country. The boy came clear back where he belonged.

“And so the sinner in his repentance comes all the way back to God, and God doesn’t move from His holy position of infinite holiness, righteousness and loveliness, world without end.

God never compromises and comes halfway down. God stays the God that He is. This is the God we adore – our faithful, unchangeable Friend whose love is as great as His power and knows neither limit nor end. We don’t want God to compromise. We don’t want God to wink at our iniquity. We want God to do something about it,” Tozer writes.

It was the last two sentences that really caught my attention. “We don’t want God to wink at our iniquity. We want God to so something about it.”

It’s peculiar to me that when the wheels fall off in our lives we look to blame someone for the wrongs that come our way. I suppose this is normal in our fallen condition. We cry for justice, we cry “That’s not fair!, it’s not fair the world is against me, I want justice.”

As Christians, we really don’t want what is fair, believe me, we do not want justice. Why? Well, if we got what is fair, what is just, we would not exist, we would be dead and spend an eternity in hell because after the fall that is justice.

So what are we to do? Well, God could see our predicament. He could and can see the mess we are in and in His grace and mercy He gave us a solution.

That solution is found in His Son, Jesus. Justice requires a proper payment – a perfect payment – a payment that could pay the price. We and every human owes that payment: His one and only Son, Jesus Christ.

Before the advent of Christ the Jewish people looked forward to the coming Messiah and were saved, we Christians look backward to the cross and if we accept the free gift of salvation and add nothing to it, we will be saved. That offer is extended to every person on earth.

So let me make it more personal. “I don’t want God to wink at ‘my’ iniquity. We want God to ‘do’ something about it.”

He has done something. Look into it and I am positive you will come to the same conclusion.

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