Inspiration – Love and marriage

Pastor Keith Williams,
High Prairie Bethel Baptist Church

With divorce and remarriage such a huge topic in the Christian church, I thought I would look into such matters a little deeper and I came across this article.

“I recently sat with a group of young adults, men and women in their late teens and early twenties, and we spoke about singleness, dating and courtship. Eventually, the conversation advanced to marriage and to both the joys and the difficulties of marriage. We realized together that as these young adults are considering relationships and begin to pursue marriage, they are wondering how they can divorce-proof their marriages. Many of them have grown up surrounded by divorce and its effects. Some are afraid of commitment because they are afraid they may not be able to keep that commitment.

“One young man asked how to ensure that a couple does not bring into their marriage a seed that could bloom into divorce. And it did not take me more that a moment to realize that in my marriage and in your marriage and in every marriage, there is already the seed of divorce. In every marriage is an issue, a belief, a habit, a heart idolatry – indeed, many of them! – that can lead easily and naturally to the complete destruction of the union. The world, the flesh, and the devil are all committed to the destruction of marriage, and each of those enemies brings its own evil seeds. The question is not whether those seeds are or will be present in a marriage, but what we will do with them.

“It may be that in your marriage, you have allowed the seed of divorce to grow. Perhaps it has already put down roots and is digging in. Maybe it has already poked its head through the soil and begun to grow to full bloom. Do not despair. There is still hope for your marriage. A marriage is not ruined by the presence of such seeds but by accepting, ignoring, or embracing them. The very same seeds that may lead to destruction may also lead into increased strength and growth. Though powerful forces are arrayed against marriage, God is the creator or marriage, and He is far more committed to its growth than Satan is to its destruction.

“Each of those seeds that may lead to divorce represents an opportunity for health. Each is an opportunity for a couple to have open and honest discussion, to identify those seeds, to talk about them, and to commit to stand firmly against them. Each represents a matter to take to the Lord together in prayer, to seek God’s strength and protection. And, of course, each represents an area in which the Bible can and must speak. Those seeds of error are countered and overcome by the truth of Scripture.

“Stuart Scott says it well, ‘The more each mind is renewed [changed] by the Scripture, the more similarly a couple will think.’ [Romans 12:2]

“One of the worst things a couple can do is work to change one another into each other’s likeness. They are to be changed into Christ’s likeness.”

I found this article to hit the mark. We really need to see marriage from God’s point of view, not from man’s point of view. God sees divorce as sin, so should we.

We live in a disposable society for most things, marriage was never meant to be.

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