Inspiration – Somebody, please turn down the noise!

Pastor Brian Gilroy,
High Prairie Church of the Nazarene

“Be still, and know that I am God.” [Psalm 46:10]

A seemingly impossible task nowadays! I can’t slow down or stop, I have so many commitments. This town, this county, needs me or else many of the things that attract people to our area will fall apart. Coaching, volunteering, playing and supporting our local sports, I just can’t let them down.

I need to support the ski hll, the Aquatic Centre and everything hockey related or else they will cease to exist.

If my family is not part of the curling rink or horse related activities or snowmobile rallies, then who will be?

The demands of shiftwork, paying bills and in general just trying to keep my head above water [in my finances] is more than a full-time job. Sleep is a luxury let alone time for God.

My children and their hyper-scheduled calendars. I cannot deny them the opportunities that I never had, or I did have and so they should have. The list goes on and on.

The noise of all the demands that each one of us faces is cranked up louder and louder until we can no longer hear the voice of a loving God. You and I can become so trapped by all the noise of the world’s expectations upon us that we fail to see the volume dial on life.

Our world has become so loud that we resemble those vehicles we often see in a parking lot that is rocking due to the extreme volume of the music coming from the radio or CD player in the car, especially when the windows are up during the cold weather.

If we continue to do nothing to adjust the volume, we are in danger of becoming hearing impaired or even damaging our hearing beyond repair when it comes to the voice of God.

Or, we can reach a point of exhaustion – mental, emotional, physical and even psychological.

Neither of these scenarios are a healthy outcome. To Be Still and Know that the Lord is God is difficult for a generation that does not want to be accountable for its decisions in life. A generation that has been taught that each one is a god and each person is the master of one’s own fate. Supporting this lie with additional lies of no life or judgment after death or a person of great charity or worldly accomplishment is automatically entitled to eternal glory.

Truth is that all your good works is as filthy rags. You can no more use these rags to pay for your debts than a bank would accept your filthy rags in payment for your mortgage.

I challenge each of you to list your activities and priorities and see how much time God has been allotted in your day.

God is not impressed with a visit only on special occasions like Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving. God wants both quality and quantity time from you.

If the ones you truly loved, treated you in the same manner that you treat God regarding time and quality of interaction, how would you feel? The hard truth about life is this: you can continue to turn up the volume louder and louder until nothing penetrates your life, or you can turn down the volume and hear the voice of a loving God.

The louder the noise the greater the damage that you will experience, and there is no such thing as spiritual hearing aids. You truly need to turn down the volume before it is too late.

Taking time to honour God each Sunday morning is a good start to turning down the volume. Prioritizing the worship of God during the church service is better.

Coming prepared to express your need for God; your need for His grace and forgiveness, and your desire to get to know how to develop a deeper loving relationship with Him, is the best.

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